Welcome to HerStory LifeStyles

 HERStory Lifestyles (HSL) is a women’s empowerment organization based in New York. Our goal is to spotlight women, teens & young girls from all walks of life to share their success story. HERStory Lifestyles will motivate, encourage and empower women to be the best that they can be regardless of challenges they have faced in the past. The organization will build self-esteem, mentor and bring women together in a positive way, and teach them not to compete with one another but to build one another. HERStory Lifestyles believes each story has the power to awaken others for new possibilities. Passion & purpose is the foundation of HERStory Lifestyles!

HSL Mission Statement

“Reshaping Lives with One Story at a Time”-HSL

HERStory Lifestyles mission is to touch the lives of others, to inspire and increase support for women and young girls by reshaping lives one story at a time. We will create a platform that educates, informs and empower women thru storytelling, the arts, education, and special events.